Sam Adams combines therapeutic sports massage with Rolfing and short stretches to provide a clinical approach that improves posture and flexibility and is safe, conservative, interactive, and progressive.

Give me a call at 917-693-3712 and let me briefly explain how my 3 point plan of clinical testing, interactive massage with stretching, and a personalized exercise video will educate you to stand taller, move easier, relieve pain–and–most importantly–make functional movement progress every day so you can move well, move often and improve your quality of life.

Based in Baltimore, Sam Adams is a licensed Massage Therapist, Rolfer, SFMA and FMS Practitioner. Through 40 years of massage experience, he has created a 3 Step Program to assess client’s stability and mobility. He begins by using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment or Functional Movement Screening System to understand the client’s instabilities. Next, Sam utilizes interactive massage – a method where the client becomes an active part of the massage process with 2 second stretching.

Lastly, Sam videos and assigns simple, effective exercises for the client to practice, which work simultaneously with the massages to correct imbalances and support long-term relief. Most importantly, Sam aims to get clients off the massage table and back into the world.

Once clients structural issues have been resolved, clients can return every so often for a more traditional massage where they can relax without the need to be active as required in the 3 point plan.

What Sam offers:

Clinical testing using the FMS system to identify causes of pain
Interactive Massages
A personalized program for long-term pain relief
Access to Sam as a wellness resource

“I’d had shoulder pain for 18 months before seeing Sam. After one session there was improvement within two weeks, and within four it was gone forever. You won’t find a more caring, committed or talented rolfer than Sam”

Claire Mullins
Editor in Chief, SoBo Voice Magazine