Introducing Sam Adams

Let Me Demonstrate How Clinical Movement Testing Can Provide Direction and Therapeutic Strategy When Rolfing Myofascial Medical Massage Is Combined With Two Second  Stretch Reflex Therapy, Helping You Achieve Your Therapy Goals While Saving You Time and Money With As Little As One Session, Right Here In Baltimore.

Are You Looking for a Clinically-Directed, Cost-Effective and Pain-Free Myofascial Rolfing  with a Medical Massage Program That Addresses Your Movement Goals, Is Guided With Clinical Information From A Functional Core Patterning Program, And Gives You Personal Video Instructions So You Can Keep Making Progress Out of the Office, Anytime and Anywhere, Saving You Time and Money?

I’m Sam Adams–I’m fully vaxxed as you should be also– and I invite you to call me at 917-693-3712 and hear how I can design you a personalized plan that will help you make sustainable improvements with your posture, increase your flexibility, eliminate or reduce your pain, and give you the tools for self care that lets you continue to make progress anytime and anywhere, with my 2 second Stretch Reflex Therapy program.


It is a progressive program that begins by collecting information from the Clinical Movement Testing Programs of the Functional Movement System and Selective Functional Movement Assessment, the information then directs a combination of Rolfing-inspired, myofascial manipulations that are applied simutaneously  with Active Core Movement Stretching movements, starting on the table and then with you walking. This guarantees that your session feels comfortable, relaxing, therapeutic–reducing stress and pain– and without the next-day soreness from traditional and aggressive massage techniques. Most importantly, this approach is quite effective in helping you to achieve– and most importantly, sustain– your therapy goals with a core corrective exercise program that is designed for your specific physical needs and will be videoed on your phone for your reference.

Sam Adams
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified FMS and SFMA Practitioner

Fully Vaxxed and Boosted–Please Be as Well

“I’d had shoulder pain for 18 months before seeing Sam. After one session there was improvement within two weeks, and within four it was gone forever. You won’t find a more caring, committed or talented rolfer than Sam”

Claire Mullins
Editor in Chief, SoBo Voice Magazine

“As a triathlete and CrossFit enthusiast, I figured that pain and tightness was just part of being into athletics. Sometimes after competing I’d go for massage or chiropractic and feel better for a few hours. But when I went to Sam Adams I immediately realized he was giving me an edge over other competitors, and making me feel a whole lot better  than I could have gotten to on my own. If you’re serious about your body being the best it can be, Sam Adams is the body therapist to turn to.”

Michelle S.
New York City