Discover How Working With The 2 Second Count Stretch Reflex Therapy Can Improve Stability And Support Mobility For Safe Strength Gains

Traditional Rolfing is hands-on bodywork that uses sustained applications of pressure across the muscles to loosen and mobilize restrictions–and can be quite effective in the short term for increasing flexibility so you will feel taller, rebalanced, centered, and feel the ability to walk with strength and poise.

But the bigger question is: How do I know these positive results will hold? Or must I return repeatedly to regain and re experience what feels to be, at best, temporary results.

This is where I have added a different style and approach that respects the goals and philosophy of Rolfing–standing taller in gravity with increased flexibility– but I apply a shorter myofascial pressure–just 2 seconds– combined with an active, 2 second stretching to achieve–and sustain–the initial gains of traditional Rolfing by always working to improve the timing of core functional movement.

The two second idea for stretching were based on my experience of watching kinesiologist Aaron Mattes work with the elderly in Sarasota, Fl., employing a passive 2 second stretch, followed by an active, client-assisted 2 second stretch. Two second stretches respects the stretch reflex of the muscles, so you are adding spring into the movement patterns and not overstretching.

As I work upon you first upon the table and then with you standing and walking, I only apply deep pressures for a 2 second count before releasing and working again along the next adjacent area, finishing at the end of limb or segment. Again, over treating with a long manipulation application–say, 30 seconds until the area releases–or long, 30 second stretches until a release–does not serve the goal of improving the functional patterning because an overstretch and over treatment does not permit a pulsing and springing of functional movement where the core fires first, followed by activation of the bigger global muscles, followed by a pause, then a reset, then a repeat of the cycle.

Rolfing was named and created by the late, pioneering biophysicist Ida Rolf, who discovered that by using broad, massage-like physical manipulation with directed movement of body tissues and your skeleton, a Rolfer helps your body regain strength and balance, become more flexible, and increase the flow of blood, nutrients, and neurological connectivity. Think of Rolfing as a hands-on stretching manipulation that works to create a yoga-like extensibility that is felt in all your movement activities–especially when standing and moving forward in walking and running.

Dr. Rolf also called Rolfing “Structural Integration,” and that phrase indicates exactly what I achieve with SAMS Rolfing: I help you to integrate your internal core structures with your larger global musculature so your body moves with grace and functionality.

After almost four decades studying bodywork and getting advanced training in Rolfing and physical therapy modalities, I’ve created a new, improved, more effective version of Rolfing called Strength and Mobility (SAM) Rolfing. I now assess movement with the Functional Movement Screen or the Selective Functional Movement Assessment to provide a clinical foundation and direction to support the mobility and postural gains created from Rolfing.

I had to create this proprietary new form of 2 second Rolfing with 2 second stretches because I discovered limitations in the traditional Rolfing methods. I wanted my work to be more effective faster, and last longer for you. I spent many hours working with clients, and consulting with physical therapists and medical doctors, to create SAM Rolfing techniques that give you structural integration unavailable through regular Rolfing methods.

Discover How Stability And Mobility Builds Strength With (SAMS) Rolfing

Sam Adams provides rolfing, FMS, and massage therapy in the New York and Baltimore Areas!

SAM’S Rolfing is different from standard Rolfing in part because I use scientific physical therapy evaluation and remediation modalities such as FMS and SFMA to strengthen and sustain the results of the session; plus I have clients actively participate by standing, twisting, extending and walking while I apply the Rolfing process.  Read more about FMS and SFMA here.

Not only that, I’ve developed new Rolfing techniques that utilize physical therapy tools such as elastic bands, balance boards, physioballs, and foam rollers with strategies that can include Rolfing while clients twist while standing and squatting, clients walking while I hold and Rolf the joints, and even using the wall with a roller wheel to increase standing extention as clients roll up and down while being Rolfed so to use the entire body from the feet up through the extended arms and hands as adjuncts to assist with the Rolfing process.

My clients find value in the variety of hands-on and physical techniques I apply while clients stand and move to further strengthen the therapeutic results– plus the scientific movement evaluations, physical therapy coaching, and home exercise videos that clients can use while at home or at the office.

SAM Rolfing has profound benefits that most clients feel every time they get up off my Rolfing table. These include:

  • Better posture, breathing, and body awareness
  • Increased energy, flexibility, mobility, height, coordination, balance
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic pain and acute pain
  • Better athletic and sports performance
  • Relief from chronic tension, harmful physiological patterns, and injuries
  • You feel taller and stronger

Rolfing is the one bodywork therapy that addresses the structural issues that come from having a human body that’s subject to gravity, aging, injuries, and ergonomic stress.

And because I challenged myself to take Rolfing to a higher level, building on what Dr. Ida Rolf discovered, you will get more sustainable results from my sessions than from other body workers.

I look forward to demonstrating you how SAM’S Rolfing can help you achieve your health goals and just feel better…

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Sam Adams provides Rolfing in Baltimore and New York

SAM’S Rolfing Uses A Variety Of Therapies

“Sam’s Rolfing helped me to rehab my knee and back pain. I was able to reduce and eventually stop my painkillers and try a more conservative approach before considering a surgical option. Sam’s Rolfing and movement pattern corrective exercises gave me another  rehab option.”

Stephanie K., Baltimore