“Sam’s FMS and SFMA showed me that I definitely made physical gains and got rid of serious pain and injury because I got Sam’s Rolfing and massage therapy. I felt the gains, and I saw them on paper based on his measurements.”

Eljay, Baltimore

“Sam’s Rolfing helped me to rehab my knee and back pain. I was able to reduce and eventually stop my painkillers and try a more conservative approach before considering a surgical option. Sam’s Rolfing and movement pattern corrective exercises gave me another  rehab option.”

Stephanie K., Baltimore

“As a triathlete and CrossFit enthusiast, I figured that pain and tightness was just part of being into athletics. Sometimes after competing I’d go for massage or chiropractic and feel better for a few hours. But when I went to Sam Adams I immediately realized he was giving me an edge over other competitors, and making me feel a whole lot better  than I could have gotten to on my own. If you’re serious about your body being the best it can be, Sam Adams is the body therapist to turn to.”

Michelle S.
New York City

“I started with myofascial sport massage, then got Rolfing and corrective exercises from the Functional Movement Screen. As a triathlete, I can say that Sam’s approach has made me way more competitive .”

David R., Baltimore