How FMS (Functional Movement Screen) and SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) Improve Your Life

One of the main reasons I created SAM (Strength And Mobility) Rolfing is I want to more effectively extend, enhance, and embed Rolfing’s benefits.

In my early years of studying the body, I tried to find reliable ways to evaluate, assess, and record the flexibility, balance, and strength of my clients’ bodies.

If you don’t use an objective series of measurements to gauge the body’s condition, you’re kind of flying blind when you perform bodywork.

That’s why I was grateful to find and be certified in a reliable body evaluation system created by body therapy specialist Gray Cook.

Gray created the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

These are non-invasive, easy to utilize, time-efficient methods that take only a few minutes to complete.

I am trained in and certified to use these two powerful physical therapy tools that help me help you better.

Using FMS and SFMA, I gain comprehensive, detailed information that helps me better use SAM Rolfing to deal with your body’s specific needs and issues.

FMS and SFMA are objective, systematic scientific tools that allow me to communicate data to FMS professionals who send you personalized, illustrated instructions that guide you in exercises and other interventions.

There’s no cost to you for this wonderful information.

Because I’m a certified FMS practitioner, you get personalized FMS health coaching– for free.

Using the personalized FMS guidance, you remediate body problems while enhancing your strength, balance, and coordination.

My SAM Rolfing techniques are tailored to what the FMS and SFMA evaluations reveal.

And if you’re primarily interested in FMSA and SFMA evaluation and remediation, we can do that without including Rolfing.

One thing I love about FMS and SFMA is that Gray Cook’s ideas are based on the same foundations that influenced Ida Rolf, the pioneering creator of Rolfing.

Both Gray and Ida see the human body as a complex, interactive, living organism operating in an environment influenced by gravity, lifestyle choices, and the built environment.

Your body isn’t just blood, muscle, tendon, ligament, bone… it’s also a neurological entity.

What happens in your brain and neural pathways are essential elements in your movement, strength, flexibility, and balance.

SAM Rolfing includes FMS and SFMA.

The inclusion of these innovative measurement and remediation modalities is just another example of how I’m giving you exclusive body-changing therapies that take Rolfing into the 21st century, with reliance on scientific screening, analysis, and objective physical therapy expertise combined with new Rolfing techniques.

When you get Rolfing from me, you move better, feel better, have more energy and less pain, and experience physical rejuvenation.

Contact me now so you get the benefits of SAM Rolfing, FMS, and SFMA.