SAMS Rolfing Can Eliminate or Reduce Your Pain

As a Rolfing and massage therapist who’s been working to help people for nearly 40 years, I’ve become very aware of the physical pain inherent to human life.

Our bodies are geared to produce many different types of pain. And all of them are meant as warning signals, like when the oil light on your car dashboard comes on.

There are many varieties of pain.

Some pain is best described by its location in the body. A painful knee, hip, elbow, or wrist, for example.

Other pain is best described by its characteristics: throbbing, sharp, dull, shooting, deep, minor, intermittent.

We describe pain that’s always present in our consciousness as chronic pain.

Some pain comes from acute injuries such as a fall, overuse, a car accident, sunburn, a bee sting.

Other pain comes from the ways we carry ourselves—how we walk, sit, stand, move, and sleep.

Pain can come from diseases such as cancer or diabetes. There are many who use CBD Oil UK as the pain can manifest as muscle spasms, chronic tension, or lack of body function. It doesn’t have to fit the classic definition of pain.

For all types of pain, even pain caused by disease, SAMS (Strength And Mobility =Strength) Rolfing can offer you uniquely effective relief.

In some cases, SAMS Rolfing doesn’t just offer relief from symptoms, it works to allow the body to reset itself to eliminate the conditions that cause the pain.

For example, most people walk, sit, stand, and sleep so that their bodies are held in ways that produce chronic tensions and imbalances.

These tensions and imbalances may interfere with blood flow, the lymphatic system, and nerve function. They also generate pain, such as sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and headaches, that can almost ruin your life.

In my bodywork practice, I use two scientific assessment modalities (FMS and SFMA) that help me quickly evaluate the underlying tensions and imbalances from dysfunctional movement patterns that lead to weakness and pain.

Then, I do therapeutic hands-on work on your musculoskeletal system to help your body lengthen, relax, rebalance, and gain strength.

After a SAMS Rolfing session, your body has experienced realignment and strengthening that you’ll immediately feel.

Most clients report much greater ease of movement, more energy, and relief from pain as among the immediate and long-term results from my work.

SAMS Rolfing achieves relief from pain by stimulating circulation, helping the body increase oxygenation and nourishment for tissues, relaxing tense muscles, restoring balanced relationships between the skeleton and tissues, and creating an overall pattern that better harmonizes with gravity and your ergonomic environment.

As an added benefit, I can give you specific at-home exercises that enhance Rolfing benefits, remediate body problems, and increase your overall strength and mobility.

When you want relief from pain, instead of taking pharmaceutical or over the counter drugs, or having surgery, consider SAMS Rolfing.

It’s a holistic, effective, non-invasive, safe, and nurturing way to reduce or eliminate pain while increasing your body’s coordination, grace, and strength.

Ready to get rid of pain? Contact me today, and let’s get started.