Who Gets Benefits from Sam Adams Rolfing Therapy

Rolfing is for everybody, and everybody.

Ida Rolf, the visionary biochemist and atomic physicist who created Rolfing, recognized that our bodies are complex engineering feats, living in a world of gravity, stress, and tension.

When I pioneered SAM (Strength And Mobility) Rolfing as the next step in what Ida started, I saw how Rolfing is the universal bodywork therapy that helps people from all walks of life.

Here’s a brief listing of some of the categories of people my Rolfing has helped:

  • Anyone who sits a lot. Sitting isn’t good for your body. It folds you in half, strains muscles, and impedes your vascular system. My Rolfing helps sitters unfold, stretch out, and regain strength and mobility.
  • Anyone who drives a lot. Driving is a particularly harsh form of sitting. One or both of your legs, and both arms, are held in unnatural positions. Your fight or flight mechanism is switched on and off on and off, especially if you commute on the crowded east coast freeways near the two cities I practice in (New York City, and Baltimore). Rolfing mitigates the harms of driving, especially harms coming from traffic accidents.
  • Anyone who’s a professional athlete. I’ve Rolfed NFL players, baseball players, hockey players, tennis players, golfers, and other professional athletes. Believe me, they need Rolfing more than most of us do. If you’re a professional athlete, or know a professional athlete, realize that SAM Rolfing helps you be at the top of your game.
  • Anybody who’s an amateur athlete. If you work out in a gym, go jogging, bicycle, swim, play golf or tennis, lift weights, do martial arts, or do any other exercise to stay in shape and to compete, SAM Rolfing improves your performance, reduces pain, and makes you stronger.
  • Dancers, Singers, Acrobats, Yoga Practitioners, Pilates People. Practicing in Manhattan, I’ve had the pleasure of working on luminaries like Bette Midler and Paul Simon, as well as legendary Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. People who use their bodies in stage performances, or are otherwise in the entertainment industries get a lot of enhancement from my Rolfing work.
  • Moms and Dads. As a parent of two daughters, I know how joyous it is to have kids, and how much work it is too. I especially encourage pregnant moms and moms who’ve recently delivered children to come in for Rolfing. Gestating and delivering a baby affects your musculoskeletal system. SAM Rolfing gets you back on track and helps parents be more present for their children.
  • Anyone who’s been injured. Industrial society can put the hurt on you. Car accidents, falls, repetitive motion injuries, bad ergonomics, workplace injuries… all can produce chronic pain and dysfunction. Standard interventions like drugs and surgery often make things worse. SAM Rolfing helps your body heal faster and easier.
  • Anyone who’s aging. Oh, how much we love the pleasures and resilience of youth. But youth passes. And as we age, we lose elasticity, flexibility, lean muscle, stamina, circulatory efficiency, hormonal peaks, and bone density. You can retain youthfulness by using right diet, by working out, and by having SAM Rolfing.
  • Anyone who wants to feel more energy, strength, grace, ease of movement, peace of mind, balance, body pleasure, and the joy of living in the body. My clients tell me SAM Rolfing sessions do way more than just heal the body. They also provide an endorphin boost and energy surge, coupled with the feeling of being totally aligned and tuned.

As you can easily see, Sam Adams SAM Rolfing is good for everybody, and every body.

Book an appointment today and together we’ll build a happier, healthier you.