Sam Adams Rolfing: New & Evolved Rolfing That Helps You More

As I’ve mentioned before, Rolfing is a uniquely effective bodywork therapy that gives you a suite of benefits no other form of bodywork therapy can give you.

I’ve been Rolfing for 26 years, and fully mastered the foundational Rolfing knowledge and techniques all Rolfers are trained in.

But I’ve also developed my own proprietary Rolfing techniques.

I did this because I wanted more for my clients than they were getting from regular Rolfing.

In regular Rolfing, a client worked on by a skilled practitioner will experience mobilization of soft tissue, connective tissue, and the musculoskeletal system.

This mobilization helps the body find better alignment and balance.

What I noticed over and over, however, is that mobilization achieved by regular Rolfing didn’t become a permanent pattern in the body.

A week later, clients were back with the same problems, and the externally-induced Rolfing mobilization had faded.

My goal is to make my Rolfing sessions create more mobilization that lasts longer and becomes embedded in your body.

I also want you to gain increased strength.

Along with those benefits, I also give you information and training so you can take control of your body to enhance Rolfing’s benefits, and make them longer-lasting.

Clients tell me my Rolfing sessions are much more helpful than and very different from Rolfing sessions from other Rolfers.

They notice that I don’t rely solely on the standard set of Rolfing techniques taught in Rolfing training.

They notice that I use Functional Movement evaluation to record and specify their body condition and needs.

They notice I use creativity, client movement, and collaborative work to make sessions more interactive and powerful.

They notice I give them specific “exercises” and other instructions so they can be an active participant in the therapy during the time between appointments.

Without sounding immodest, please understand that I’ve taken Rolfing into the 21st century, creating new Rolfing paradigms and techniques that work better than old-school Rolfing.

Get in touch with me today to make an appointment so you too can experience more mobility and strength, gain freedom from pain, and feel more enjoyment in life!